Your book in German

If you are an author from the USA, the UK or any other Englisch speaking country and you are thinking about publishing your book in German, this page is for you!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up working as a literary translator: I started out as an actress and a writer and later worked as an editor and marketing assistant for independent publishers. When I became more interested in independent publishers, authors and self-publishing, I decided to work freelance as an editor for indie writers. As I lived in the UK for over ten years and studied English & American literature and Creative & Critical Writing, I particularly like to work as an editor on translations from English to German or on English novels and short stories. I had already translated a booklet for a publishing company I worked for, when an author friend of mine asked me to translate a short story for her. This story was never published, but a couple of people read it, liked it and put the word out. Now most of the work I do are translations and I love it!
Here you can find a selection of my most recent projects.

Independend authors from the UK and the USA have been discovering the German market for themselves – and some of them seem to be doing very well. AmazonCrossing have developed the market for translations by self-publishers and KDP authors have profited from that. I have done and continue to do some work for them and am enjoing it immensely.
However, it can be a bit risky for authors to venture into foreign markets and to spend their money on translations. Especially if they are unfamiliar with the language and the market. This is where I might be helpful: I like to work with independent authors and am happy to help with the marketing. I have some experience because I worked for publishers and I have also just started my own career as an indie fiction writer. My philosophy is based on creative writing workshops: I aim to collaborate with authors rather than merely offer a service they are paying for. If I am particularly excited about a project, a profit sharing model might be the way to go. In any case, I like to read at least a couple of pages of your book and do a sample translation in order to make you an offer.

Whether you are interested in a collaboration or just want to get in touch, I look foward to hearing from you.

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